Pockets of Embroidered Beauty

I suppose it’s natural for any collector of old clothes to go through the pockets of a newly-purchased garment, in hopes of finding something of interest that the vendor may have overlooked. In almost 50 years of collecting men’s garments it has happened only a handful of times. Luckily I don’t buy the things hoping to […]

On the Fringes of Fashion

In studying clothing of past centuries one quickly shares the delight our ancestors took in colour, fabrics, shape, novelty, cut, accessories and decoration. Now of course, this statement applies principally to those with money, whose clothes survive in far greater numbers that those of the working classes – but even they would try to be […]

Flower Power

For centuries, some men have delighted in wearing the colourful flora of the natural world on their clothing – from Chaucer’s dandified pilgrim, with a jacket so embroidered with flowers as if he were wearing a meadow, to modern shirts and jackets from Italian clothiers Etro and our own Sir Paul Smith. It is fair […]